COVID 19 Update

Legacy Centre of Excellence Re-opening after COVID-19 Closure

In preparation for the re-opening of Legacy Centre of Excellence steps will be put in place based on guidance information from UK Government, Public Health England (PHE), Birmingham City Council (BCC) and Health and Safety Executive (HSE)

To enable Legacy CoE to get back to some form of normality, we will ensure all areas of our business delivery are COVID-Secure.

We’ve taken the appropriate steps for

  • Staff
  • Visitors/Public
  • Tenants
  • Hirers


To be able to work, hire and rent our venue, we’ve considered the health, safety and wellbeing of our clients.

Legacy Centre of Excellence will make sure the safety of the workplace in line with Government advice. This will include:

  • carrying out a risk assessment in line with the HSE guidance
  • consulting with your workers or trade unions
  • sharing the results of the risk assessment with our workforce and on our website

Legacy Centre of Excellence will ensure that all areas of the venue, which is used by staff, visitors and hirers is thoroughly cleaned based on Public Health England and Health and Safety Executive Guidelines


Where possible, Legacy CoE will take all reasonable steps to help staff to work from home by:

  • discussing home working arrangements
  • ensuring they have the right equipment, for example remote access to work systems
  • including them in all necessary communications
  • looking after their physical and mental wellbeing

If it’s not possible to work from home, two metre social distancing should be maintained as much as possible through measures such as:

  • putting up signs to remind workers and visitors of social distancing guidance
  • avoiding sharing workstations
  • using floor tape or paint to mark areas to help people keep to a 2m distance
  • arranging one-way traffic through the workplace if possible
  • switching to seeing visitors by appointment only if possible

Where it’s not possible for people to be two metres apart, Legacy CoE should do everything practical to manage the transmission of risk by:

  • considering whether an activity needs to continue for the business to operate
  • keeping the activity time involved as short as possible
  • using screens or barriers to separate people from each other
  • using back-to-back or side-to-side working whenever possible
  • staggering arrival and departure times
  • reducing the number of people each person has contact with by using ‘fixed teams or partnering’

Hygiene and cleaning for Staff,

Legacy CoE will use signs and posters to help your workers to practice good handwashing technique and to remind them to cough/sneeze into an arm and avoid touching their faces.

Face coverings

Wearing a face covering is optional in most circumstances and is generally not required in workplaces. They are not an effective way to manage the risks from coronavirus and you should not rely on them.

The evidence suggests that wearing a face covering does not protect you, but it may protect others if you are infected and have not developed symptoms.

Face coverings are not classed as PPE. They:

  • are not manufactured to a recognised standard and not CE marked
  • do not provide a proven level of protection for work risks such as dust and spray

If people choose to wear face coverings in work you should support them.


Legacy CoE will ask visitors/public to read its Handwashing Guidelines in male/female/disabled toilets

  • Good handwashing techniques
  • Preventing spread of infection


  • provide handwashing facilities with running water, soap and paper towels
  • provide hand sanitiser at locations in addition to washrooms

Legacy CoE will endeavour to use floor markings, using taping on floors to show 2m social distancing and direction of where visitors/public should walk

Legacy CoE will:

  • work out the maximum number of customers that can reasonably follow social distancing guidelines (where they can stay 2 metres apart from other customers or 1 metre with risk mitigation where 2 metres is not viable)
  • inform customers and visitors of guidance about visiting the premises before they arrive (for example, by providing information on your website, booking forms, or over the phone)
  • use signs and provide clear information to your customers and visitors when they arrive
  • remind customers accompanied by children that they are responsible for supervising them at all times
  • adjust indoor seating and tables to maintain social distancing guidelines
  • ensure that customers of the same household or support bubble can be seated together indoors
  • ensure that customers of up to two households or support bubbles can be seated together indoors with social distancing
  • reduce the need for customers to queue, but where this is unavoidable, discourage customers from queuing indoors and use outside spaces for queuing where available and safe (for example, using car parks and existing outdoor services areas)
  • manage queues to ensure they do not cause a risk to individuals, other businesses or additional security risks
  • consider the needs of people’s protected characteristics, (such as age or disability when modifying the premise)
  • when booking an appointment for a close contact service, ask the client if they can attend on their own where possible
  • encourage clients to arrive at their appointment time and not too early or late to avoid congestion
  • ask clients screening questions before their appointment for close contact services (if they have a new continuous cough, a high temperature, or loss of smell or taste they should reschedule their appointment)


Legacy CoE will check the steps that tenants have taken to ensure that they are COVID – Secure for example

  • Hand Sanitation stations in they rented space
  • Social distancing number of people in at one time
  • Pavement space guidance


Legacy CoE will advise potential hirers of our COVID-Secure steps, which should include

  • Social distancing for their event/activity
    • Floor markings, use taping on floors to show 2m social distancing and direction of where visitors should walk
  • No more than 30 people in any of our hirer spaces
  • Arrangement of equipment and seating
  • Hand sanitation stations etc.

Legacy CoE will ensure:

  • Hirers’ attendees stay 2 metres apart (or 1 metre with risk mitigation where 2 metres is not viable)
  • use signs on the floor to help people maintain social distancing
  • ventilated rooms are used
  • Hirers not share objects like pens
  • hand sanitisers in hired spaces

Legacy CoE Hiring contract will explain what we expect from clients.

Legacy CoE will ensure and

  • Clean furniture and equipment
  • Provide sanitation stations

Legacy CoE will clean equipment frequently

  • Set clear guidance for the use and cleaning of toilets, showers and changing facilities to make sure they are kept clean and social distancing is achieved as much as possible
  • Clean work areas and equipment between uses
  • Frequently clean and disinfect objects and surfaces that are touched regularly
  • If equipment like tools or vehicles are shared then clean them after each use