Our Values

Our core values at Legacy Centre of Excellence are:


We want to support the current generation and inspire the next generation to use their talent to create greatness. We want to inspire people within our community to use inspiring methods to overcome challenges and marginalisation


Our organisation was created to serve the needs of young people in our local community. Now we want our work to serve the needs of young people locally, nationally and internationally.

Highest Standards

We believe in our work as it’s great. It is vital for us as a team and as individuals to do our best, be consistent, be transparent and deliver our work to the highest standards.


7EYA now possesses the knowledge and experience to take a leading role in youth practitioner methodology. To fulfil our purpose we must focus on excellence in project development, project delivery, project management, sustainability and governance.


We respect the communities that we serve. We encourage respect between all the practitioners and staff on our team and we respect our philosophies and practice of youth / community intervention.